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Bank of Taiwan


London Branch

London Branch building
    Banking Operations
  1. Inward/Outward Money Transfer;
  2. Import/Export Trading:Letter of Credit Issuance, Payment, Advice, Reimbursement, D/A, D/P Collection;
  3. Deposit:Current Deposit, Demand Saving Deposit, Time Deposit;
  4. Loan & Credits: Commercial Loan, Trade Finance, Syndication Loan, Construction Loan, Commercial Real Estate Loan, Guaranty; and 
  5. Treasury: Money Market Transactions, Capital Market Transactions, Foreign Exchange Transactions, Interest Rate Swap, Forward Rate Agreement, Cross Currency Swap. 

Address :Level 17, 99 Bishopsgate, London EC2M 3XD,U.K.

Telephone : 44-20-7382-4530

Fax : 44-20-7374-8899


Email :