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Bank of Taiwan


Shanghai Branch

Shanghai building

Banking Operations


Engaging in the following foreign exchange business operations:
1. Taking in deposits from the general public;
2. Granting short-term, medium-term and long-term loans;
3. Handling the acceptance and discounting of negotiable instruments;
4. Buying and selling government bonds and financial bonds, buying and selling Foreign currency negotiable securities;
5. Providing letter of credit services and guaranty;
6. Handling domestic and foreign settlements;
7. Buying、selling and agent of foreign exchange;
8. Engaging in interbank lending and borrowing;
9. Providing credit investigation and consulting service;
10. Other business operations as approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission。


Contact Address

Address: 30 F, No.1788 Nan-Jing West Rd., Jing-An Dist., Shanghai, China 200040  

TEL: 86-21-3256-9900