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Bank of Taiwan


Organization Chart of Bank of Taiwan


Functions of Major Departments



Secretariat, Board of Directors

Handles important matters and documentary affairs related to the Board of Directors.

Department of Auditing , Board of Directors

Takes care of planning, implementation, and examination of internal auditing matters, and participates in the formulation and revision of operating and management regulations. 

Department of Planning

Responsible for articles of incorporation, organization regulations, annual operating plans, evaluation of departments, public relations, and legal affairs.

Department of Corporate Finance

Handles matters of designing new products, planning for and promoting corporate finance business, and the supply of consulting assistance services to operating branches.

Department of Credit Management

Handles planning, supervision, examining, consulting assistance services, and management for loan business.

Department of Loan Assets Management

Takes care of planning, examination, supervision, and management related to non-performing loans, loans for collection, and the clearing up of bad loans.

Department of Wealth Management

Handles planning, marketing, evaluation, administration and training of wealth management.

Department of Circulation

Handles the collection and payment, transport, adjustment of supply and demand, and the recovery of worn bills associated with the issuances of New Taiwan currency.

Department of Public Treasury

Handles agency operations for public treasuries at all levels, and direction and supervision of the business of branch treasuries.

Department of Risk Management

Responsible for the planning and revision of risk management, handles formulation and integration of risk management regulations.

Department of Business

Takes care of general deposit, loan, remittance, and agency businesses.

Department of International Banking

Takes care of foreign exchange operations, foreign banking and overseas branch businesses, correspondent banking relations, and operational planning and management for the foreign exchange business.

Department of Trusts

Controls trust businesses and auxiliary businesses.

Department of Electronic Banking

Responsible for planning, study, marketing, integration, supervision, management and examination of the electronic banking business.

Department of Consumer Finance

Takes care of planning, promotion, management, and consultation assistance services for the consumer finance, credit card, and bank card business.

Department of Treasury

Handles allocation, planning, and utilization of New Taiwan Dollar and foreign currency, and securities investment.

Department of Real Estate Management

Takes care of maintenance of buildings and general management of real estate. 

Department of Procurement

Handles procurement matters under concentrated system for government institutions, public schools and public enterprises.

Department of Domestic Operations

Handles matters of deposit business, ATMs, planning and evaluation of domestic branches, and customer complaints.

Department of Government Employees Insurance

Handles under the Government's authorization, the general life insurance for civil servants and staffs in public or in private schools. 

Department of Precious Metals

Handles the precious metals and customs quotas business.

epartment of Credit Analysis

Responsible for the collection, surveying, and editing of data related to the credit investigation, as well as overseas credit investigation services.

Department of General Affairs

Handles general affairs, cashier affairs, and procurement of articles and appliances in office.


Takes care of important affairs, documentation, chop management, meetings, and editing.

Department of Human Resources

Carries out the planning, study, and implementation of personnel affairs.

Department of Ethics

Looks after the propagation of ethics laws and regulations, and the formulation and revision of ethics regulations..

Department of Accounting

Responsible for the planning and formulation of accounting systems, budgets, statistics, internal auditing, and inter-branch settlement..

Department of Economic Research

Carries out the analysis of domestic and overseas economic and financial, banking business research, and the compilation of economic publications.

Department of Information Management

In charge of research, analysis, planning and implementation of information operations.

Department of Compliance

Handles the planning, management, and execution of the regulatory compliance system, anti-money laundering, and countering terrorism.

Department of Cyber Security

Responsible for the formulation, planning and implementation of cyber security.

Training Institute

Responsible for the planning and implementation of personnel training and advanced training.