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Bank of Taiwan


Offshore Banking Services


1. Qualified Applicants:

(1) Individuals 20 years old or above, without ROC residence, and hold passports of foreign countries.
(2) Corporations organized and registered under the laws of a foreign country; however, a branch recognized by the R.O.C. government for conducting business within the R.O.C. shall be excluded.
(3) Government agencies outside the territory of the R.O.C..
(4) Financial institutions within or outside the territory of the R.O.C..

2. Types of Foreign Currency Deposits:

( 1) Demand Deposits.
(2) Time Deposits (with certificate): 7-day, 14-day, 21-day, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, 1-year, or any designated expiration date.
(3)Checking deposits.

3. Deposit Currencies , Minimum Amount of opening a Time Deposit Account, and Minimum Amount of counting interests are as follows:



Demand Deposits

Time Deposits (Above 7 days)
USD 100 1,000
HKD 1,000 10,000
GBP 100 1,000
AUD 100 1,000
CAD 100 1,000
SGD 100 1,000
CHF 100 1,000
JPY 15,000 150,000
ZAR 1,000 10,000
SEK 1,000 10,000
NZD 100 1,000
EUR 100 1,000
CNY 600 6,000

4. Account Opening Procedure:

Please bring the following documents to open the account:
For individuals:
At least two types of documents, including valid passport, valid identity document with photo issued by the government authority, driving license with photo issued by the government authority, or other document with photo can verify the holder's identity and nationality, place of original residence or place of permanent residence.

For corporations :
(1)Certificate of Incorporation issued by a registered authority of place where the corporation is registered.
(2)Memorandum and Articles of Association.
(3)Certificate of Incumbency issued by local registered agent of registered place within six months.
(4)Certificate of Good Standing issued by registered authority within six months or valid date but if above Certificate of Incumbency has indicated that the corporate is still Good Standing, this item may be unnecessary.
(5)The (3) and (4) listed above can be waived if the lawful register can be checked from the registration authority and the inquiry results has been stated in the report within six months.
(6)Certificate of eligibility for the person in charge.
(7)Record of the meeting or power of attorney of Board of Directors or equivalent meeting related to appoint the representative.
(8)The valid foreign passport and Record of ID NO. in the ROC of the Corporate Managing Director【The latter can be applied for through National Immigration Agency (website at】
(9)Register of Directors and shareholders.

For government agencies:Qualified evidences and relative documents approved by us.
For financial institutions:Qualified evidences and relative documents approved by us.

5. Automatic Renewal and Pledge:<

Customers of time deposits can apply for automatic renewal, excluding designated expiration date   Customers can also apply for pledge borrowing of the deposited currency within the time deposits period.


Qualified Applicants: ROC corporations or government agencies located in the countries that the Bank has conducted risk assessment.
Nature: short-term, mid-term or long-term loans.
Types of loans: (1) working capital loans (2) equipment capital loans (3) planned loans (4) guarantee (5) others
Interest Rate: decided based on SIBOR, LIBOR, TIBOR plus a certain individual add-ons.
Method of Repayment: discussed between the Bank and the borrower.

Foreign Currencies:

Remittance services for offshore customers, including outward and inward remittances, etc.
L/C issuance and notification services for offshore customers.
Import and export negotiation services for offshore customers.
Import and export collection services for offshore customers.

Derivative financial products:

Foreign currency Structured products, Forward, Swap, NDF and so on.

※The Bank preserves the right to amend the rules.