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Bank of Taiwan



BOT’s  trading business includes precious metals business, tariff quota business and parking lots leasing business . 


a.      Precious Metals Business:


     To  help domestic industral users and jewelers to reduce gold pruchasing cosr ,  CTC      continues playing its rols as a major gold wholesales. In addition, CTC conducted the retail businsee of gold bars , legal tender precious metals coins, coin sets and commemorative coins , and launched the "Gold Passbook Business" to provide the general public with an integrated gold investment and  savings instrument.


      BOT has commissioned the Central Mint Taiwan , R.O.C to design and strike a series of Chinese Zodiac sign proof silver coins since 2003. Thses coins are very popular with the general public .


      In addition, BOT also renders "sell through open tender" service to government  agencies for the disposal of precious metals related goods.  



b.    Tariff Quota Business :


   BOT has been commissioned by the Ministry of Finance to allocate and manage the quotas of agricultural, fish and livestock products under “Tariff Quota and Management System” in coordination with the government policy .



c. Parking Lots Leasing  Business :


    In line with the government policy of encouraging the construction of parking lots, BOT has utilized its own idle lands to construct parking lots. In addition , BOT also planned and developed parking lots on behalf of public and private organization. Now BOT had approximately 28 parking lots throughtout the areas of Taipei city, Taichung and Kaohsiung , etc. It's very helpful  to alleviate the parking problem of metropolitan area.