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Bank of Taiwan

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Products and Services

Precious Metals

Bank of Taiwan (BOT), merged with Central Trust of China (CTC) on July 1, 2007, succeeds to CTC’s role as a major bullion wholesaler and retailer in Taiwan.

With a view to developing the market and satisfying investor s and manufacturers’ demands, BOT develops and introduces a wide range of precious metal products and services as follows

1. Gold Passbook & Gold Saving Plan

Gold Passbook, launched in 1997, and
"Gold Saving Plan" are highly welcomed by investors. Both of them are accessible by BOT’s counter and EBank. The owner of gold passbook and gold saving plan may take delivery of gold bars and coins offered by BOT, subject to the payment of the price differences between gold products and gold passbook.

2. Gold Bars

BOT sells Gold Bars of varying specifications including BOT’s own brand 1 Taiwan Tael(37.5g) Gold Holobar, UBS AG's three-key logo gold bars in 4 denominations of 1kg, 500g, 250g, 100g, UBS AG's gold kinebars, from 1gm to 1 Taiwan Tael, to the general public. BOT also offers 1kg gold bar and 12.5Kg large bar at a lower premium on a wholesale basis to local industrial users and jewelry manufacturers to help them to reduce cost.

3. Precious Metal Coins

BOT introduces the following world-renowned Precious Metal Coins
the Australian Kangroo Gold Coin, Koala Silver Coin, Kookaburra Silver Coin, Lunar Silver Coin, the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold and Silver Coins and the Vienna Philharmonic Gold Coin, etc.

4. Commemorative/Collectors' Coins

In an attempt to develop the domestic coin collecting and trading market, BOT introduces uncirculated coin sets and collectors’ coins from countries all over the world. On the other hand, BOT offers a variety of commemorative precious metal coins to meet seasonal market demands generated by the Chinese Lunar New Year and other traditional festivals.

5. Taking Delivery of Gold in Advance and Deferring the Fixation and Settlement.

To help industrial users and jewelry manufacturers to reduce cost, allocate funds flexibly and sharpen their competitive edge, BOT offers the business of “Taking Delivery of Gold in Advance and Deferring the Fixation and Settlement” and it has been received a warm welcome by the clients.

6. Round-the-Clock Gold Trading

BOT extends its gold trading hours from morning to the closing time of COME
X/CME, New York every workday. Through this service, customers can buy or sell gold in synchronization with markets in Zurich, London and New York. This service, together with a variety of products offered by BOT, is intended for promoting the normalization and internationalization of Taiwan gold market.

7. Advisory Services

In order to develop and strengthen the local gold market in Taiwan, BOT provides from time to time
, including daily, weekly and monthly reports, and the related information about gold market, such as fundamental analysis, price movement, market events, new products and portfolio management by means of telephone on-line consultation, written reports, workshops, conferences, newspaper, radio broadcasting and television interviewing to the general public and specific audiences.